Who Are We?

The Huntsville Mountain Bike Association is a non-profit organization founded to promote mountain biking in our community, as well as protect and develop a sustainable trail network in Huntsville.

The HMBA is a member of the International Mountain Bike Association, is incorporated and fully insured.

Our Goals

  • Work with community partners to build and maintain a network of trails in and around Huntsville
  • Ensure mountain biking is in the town and district’s future recreation planning
  • Make mountain biking safe and accessible for everyone


2021 HMBA Executive

Buck Miller, President

Buck has been involved with all disciplines of cycling since 1995 and has raced all over North America, Europe and Asia. He co-founded the HMBA with VP Henderson over a pint when they realized the lack of an organized group lobbying for the development and protection of public mountain biking trails in and around Huntsville. He’s deeply passionate about our sport and the future it holds for our youth. He’s also “absolutely pumped to have the support of the board with me and I look forward to cutting swaths of progress in the name of public trails for the mountain bikers of Huntsville.”

Graham Henderson, Vice President

Graham proves that you don’t need the latest flashy gear or well maintained equipment to hit the outdoors on two wheels.   Graham brings a wealth of cycling and trail building knowledge to the team.  Just as comfortable logging miles on the trail, pavement, and dirt roads, he’s easily identified by his signature “goose in distress” brake sound.

Jeff Punkari, Treasurer

Skillz to pay the Billz.  Able to ride anything with two wheels in ways that mortals can only dream of, he’s definitely the board member with the most can-do attitude, and first to volunteer for any task. Jeff is also the only member of the HMBA that is able to recite every line of the 1986 feature film “Rad”.

Adam Galt, Secretary

In 2016, shortly after my sister and brother in-law Buck moved to Huntsville, he insisted that I get mountain bike. I replied “Nah, I’ll never use it.”  Today (…and several bike upgrades later) I ride most days – whether it’s trails, roads, snow, racing locally at Buckwallow or provincially at an Ontario Cup, or just a commute to work.  I have two boys that are usually riding close behind, but I expect that I’ll be the one trailing them in the next few years.

Luke Howell, Director

My dad got me into mountain biking over ten years ago. What started as just another sport to try has become a true passion. Whether it be mountain or road, the freedom and thrill of riding a bike is still exciting every time.

Stephen Draper, Director

I learned to ride in Muskoka at Buckwallow with my dad as a kid and have been a mountain biker since. I spend a lot of time building trails and jumps when I was younger and over the last few years. When I heard about the HMBA and the Hidden Valley trails I joined the club and jumped right into it. Riding bikes and being in the outdoors is a big part of my life, and being apart of the HMBA is a great way to share that with a great community.

Karen Litchfield, Director

No longer able to run due to chronic knee and back issues, I needed to find a replacement activity to give me a cardio workout. My husband has been riding weekly with the men for a few years now, so I thought, why not give Mt. Biking a try. He took me out for a few rides 2 summers ago & I was hooked at age 57!  I decided it would be fun to get a group of women together to do a weekly women’s ride. I have now been organizing the women’s group ride for 2 years & I can’t imagine a week not riding. You can often find me on the trails daily either with the group ride or on my own. There’s nothing like riding in the forest; I not only get a workout & learn each ride how to master more difficult terrain & features, but I also obtain a sense  of calm just by being in nature. Riding has introduced me to a fantastic group of women who are also passionate about riding. I’m so excited to see this sport grow for women of all ages in our community.