Thursday Night Race Series

HMBA & Angry Johnny’s Presents


Thursday’s @ Lance’s Loops – Check-In and Pre-Ride at 5:30-6:30pm, Race at 7:00pm.


(You will be redirected to cnnbikes. Participants will be notified that a Provincial Racing License is Required, and can be added with the registration – see below for more license info)


What can I expect?  

Different weekly courses, timed results, draw prizes, and a great night with fellow mountain bike riders. Race course laps will be approximately 4-5 km in length and different categories will complete between 1 and 3 laps.

What if I’ve never raced before?

Weekly series races are many riders’ first racing experience.  For some, it’s the challenge to cross the line first, for others it’s making improvements from week to week, and some it’s just a group ride with some competition thrown in. Regardless of your skill level the emphasis is having fun.  If you are feeling fast, you might find a few HMBA board members ready to accept your challenge.

What do I need to race?

To race you’ll need a mountain bike in good working order, helmet, and a Provincial Racing License from Ontario Cycling (see below).

I’m a HMBA member, do I need an Ontario Cycling license?

Races are sanctioned by Ontario Cycling and therefore a license is required.  This provides insurance for participants and organizers.  With a Provincial Race license, you’ll also be able to participate in other races in Ontario. When you register for your first race, you will be reminded to purchase a license as part of the process. HMBA is not an an Ontario Cycling Affiliated Club, so “No Affiliation” can be selected.

Information on Ontario Cycling race licenses can be found here:!/memberships/ontario-cycling-association-2022-annual-license-membership

Do I need to be an HMBA member?

No, but we’d love it if you did join! Racing is covered by Ontario Cycling; however, for any riding outside of the event, a HMBA membership is required, Also, trail maintenance is supported directly by HMBA membership.

Where is Lance’s Loops?  Where do I park?

Lance’s Loops is located just outside of downtown Huntsville and has two entrances – one on North Mary Lake Rd. And one on Forest Glen Rd.  Registration will be located at the top of the trail on the North Mary Lake Rd.  There is no parking lot; however, parking is available at the Church located close to the trail entrance as well as on North Mary Lake Rd.  Please be sure not to block driveways, or the trail entrance.  There is limited parking at the Forest Glen entrance if using that access point and riding the main loop to the registration table.  Click here for more information on Lances Loops.

What is the cost to race?

After you’ve purchased your Provincial Race License, each week races are:

Youth (U19) is $10+ tax and ccn fees 
Adults (19+) is $15 +tax and ccn fees

Is there on-site registration available?

Unfortunately, no.  All registration must be done online here:!/events/huntsville-weekly-series-pb-ajs-and-hmba

Who can answer additional questions I have about racing?

For additional questions, you can contact